Your Environment Might Not Be Making You Lose Weight

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Not many people realize that their environment plays a large role to determine how much food you will be eating. For those who need to lose weight, it may mean that the environment shapes some eating behaviors and may even cause unconscious overeating. Here are some of them:

In a restaurant

  • When you seat by a window, your tendency is to eat salad and you get to eat 80 percent less if you order anything else. This is good to lose weight.
  • People who sit near the bar area are 73 percent more likely to order dessert.
  • When in a Chinese restaurant, eat with chopsticks and choose a smaller plate.
  • Eating in a brightly lit restaurant will make you eat less food and calories, compared to eating in dimly lit ones.

In your home

  • Serve fruit in colorful bowls. Adults and children tend to eat double the amount of fruit served in colorful dishes.
  • Before serving, cut up the fruit first. Again, adults and kids tended to eat 48 percent more fruit when it is cut up.
  • If you want your kids to eat vegetables, give them funny superhero names as kids will eat 35 percent more of veggies when this is done. For example, use X-ray Vision Carrots and Superman Green Beans. Just use your imagination.

At the grocery store

  • When you spend 10 more minutes looking and browsing through the fresh produce section, you end up buying more vegetables and fruits than shoppers who just speed through each aisle.
  • Buy the cheaper and bigger box of cereals. When serving at home, use small containers. People tend to eat less when food is served in smaller containers and thus helps with those efforts to lose weight.
  • If you’re on a fast schedule for work and family and you want to serve up salad, buy the bagged and prepared salads. Some purists may say that’s being lazy, but, again, if you’re on a tight work schedule, this is a better alternative to eating out and consuming more calories. Veggies are veggies and salads are salads. And those bagged salads are still fresh.
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