Your Ability to Lose Weight May Depend on Apples and Pears

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We’re not talking of weight loss by eating apples and pears; your ability to lose weight may greatly vary depending on whether your body is apple shaped or pear shaped. This may be because weight gain or weight loss will depend on the genes in your body. Apples and pears are actually the most common means to describe general body shapes that gather too much fat. Apple shaped bodies tend to gather fat around the midsection while pear shaped bodies gather fat around the hips, thighs, and rear areas. Recently, researchers at Duke University’s molecular genetics and microbiology department have located a certain gene called Plexin D1 that determines the body type that you’ll have. This is important because the body’s final shape has everything to do with both health and how you lose weight.

Apple shaped bodies that accumulate fat in the belly means a greater risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases, induces inflammation, and may trigger metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. Pear shaped bodies, on the other hand, are healthier because any fat accumulated in the rear, thighs, and hips are easier to remove through dieting and exercise. In the Duke University study, those with less Plexin D1 genes had less visceral fat and so tended to have pear shaped bodies. Visceral fat is the type of fat that causes apple shaped bodies by gathering more in the midsection. People with more Plexin D1 tended to have more visceral fat. Visceral tissues are not only found in the midsection but are also wedged between organs like the heart, liver, intestines, and lungs.

When more visceral fats are formed, they emit hormones and other chemicals that cause inflammation that can trigger high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Pear shaped bodies tend to have more subcutaneous fat, the type that sits beneath the skin of hips, thighs, and the rear. This type of fat actually decreases insulin resistance in humans that protects against getting diabetes.  Unfortunately, there is no method to either decrease or increase the number of Plexin D1 genes, so people will have to find methods to lose weight that will suit their body types.


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