You Might Be Adding These Unhealthy Foods to Your Daily Diet


There are seemingly innocent foods that you might be adding to your daily diet thinking that these foods carry no danger to our health. What makes these foods dangerous is that their unhealthy aspects aren’t so self-evident. Unlike candy bars and butter that you know you can’t eat in large volumes, some products that seem entirely harmless – some marketed actually as healthy – are actually very bad foods or food alternatives.

Processed meats

Many brands of bacon, sausage, deli meats, and other processed meats for breakfast contain nitrates, a preservative that interferes with the body’s natural ability to process sugar, and this increases the risks of diabetes. It can also cause thyroid and colon cancer. Some processed meats are also loaded with sodium that can leave you bloated and contributes to hypertension and heart disease. When you need to purchase processed meats, read the ingredients and see if it’s free of nitrates and extreme sodium.

Fortified children’s cereal

In truth, these types of cereals have fake vitamins and are full of sugar. The vitamins and minerals touted on the box are merely sprayed on the cereal, and simply wash off in the milk (you’re better off drinking the milk). Most of the bright colors are just Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) or Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) that are carcinogens. If you need breakfast cereals to your daily first meal diet, choose cereal without these ingredients.

Diet soda

This drink has already been linked to obesity, and this one seems to be a no-brainer since it is still a soda drink. However, many make the mistake of taking one every time they go out to eat in a restaurant. Even taking one can of diet soda once a week when you go out is like drinking synthetic estrogen, flame retardant, and rocket fuel. Either it plays havoc to your health or it will make you fat.

Colorful candy

Some people make it part of their diet to have a piece of colorful candy at the end of dinner to drive away those sugar indulgences. However, many of the artificial colorings used in these candies may cause ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).


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