You Can Determine How Effective a Diet Is With a Simple Diet Checklist


One thing that many people would like is to find out if their diet is effective or not. There is actually an effective way to do this without going online and doing a very thorough research. This can also be quite a mental task for some people. Now, not only can people check up on their diet but also on a diet’s adherence by using the Diet Index Enjoyability Total, or DIET.

The Diet Index Enjoyability Total (DIET) score is a hypothetical number created by some of the largest obesity clinics in Canada. The researchers and creators of this diet adherence determinant observed that for a diet to be at its maximum effectiveness, there should also be a maximum enjoyment factor for it to be really successful. Simply put, if you don’t enjoy how your life or lifestyle is going while you’re attempting to lose weight, then you’re most likely to gain all that lost weight back. In short, if your diet made you suffer while losing weight, you’re most likely to regain all that weight back.

And this research has solid backing based on past studies as well. Aside from dietary adherence, other factor to consider with any eating plan is the amount of food groups such as the amount of low carbohydrates as compared to high carbohydrates, and so on, and this should be the main factor in determining the efficacy of any eating plan.

In reality, all diets work, but the hard part is finding one that is effective without making the dieter suffer. In order to determine a diet’s overall sustainability, use the checklist below and assign an Enjoyability score of 1-10 for each item, with 10 as the best:

  • Hunger
  • Cravings
  • Feelings of fullness or satisfaction
  • Need to cook special meals for other family members
  • Ability to still eat out at restaurants
  • Energy levels and feelings of general well-being
  • Complexity of dietary requirements
  • Dietary flexibility vs. monotony
  • Rigidity of dietary requirements
  • Expense or cost of dietary requirements

Obviously, the perfect score is 100. So if your diet scores this or approaches near to it, then you’re happy with your diet, or rather, you have a happy diet.


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