Will Today’s Children Tend to Die Younger Because of Weight Loss Issues?

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Based on many medical studies, obesity is the scourge of today’s children, and many will have shorter life spans, even shorter than their average parent’s life span. However, a new trend is starting to show in many new studies today. While obese children may live longer lives, they will spend that life suffering in poor health.  The number of people who are obese or have weight loss issues today is higher than it was from past decades. Figures published regularly in medical journals shows figures of 2.1 billion worldwide, and an increase 875 million in 1980.

Likewise, obesity-related or weight loss related illnesses have been rising. It was recently reported that in the UK alone many British are suffering from a national obesity emergency. Type 2 diabetes is becoming the rising scourge from obesity. According to studies conducted at the epidemiology department at the National Centre for Health Statistics in Hyattsville, Maryland and at Oxford University, researchers from the different studies analyzed studies into causes of death and concluded that people deemed “overweight” by international standards were 6% less likely to die than those of “normal” weight.

Also, those who were overweight 30 years ago had a 16 percent chance of dying from heart attack or stroke. However, in 2010 the number was down to only 4 percent. From the published findings in the American Medical Journal, the researcher say that it’s possible overweight or obese people are dying in lesser numbers from related diseases because they are getting better medical care. Usually medical care today can now spot symptoms of disease earlier. Another reason perhaps is because people are screened today more regularly for chronic diseases like heart disease.

The researchers at Oxford University have actually given this research a particular name. They have come to call it the “Obesity Paradox.” It is simply the fact that there is an inverse relationship between weight loss issues, obesity related diseases, and the paradigm of living longer. So while many overweight people can expect to live long, the long life may not be so golden, which is itself a good reason to go for weight loss.


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