Why Running May Not Be Enough for Weight Loss

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You’ve been running for almost 6 months now, but every time you inspect your weight, you start to wonder if your scale is broken because your weight doesn’t seem to be going down at all. But isn’t running good for health and able to burn off a lot of calories? Yes, you’re right, but you may be doing it all wrong so you’re not seeing any weight loss results.

You feel famished after running, so you eat a lot

Sure, you’ve run far and burned off a lot of calories, and much more, but this leaves you kind of famished when you get home. Instead of gorging down a lot of food, fuel up your body wisely. If you devour junk food after a run, you’ll be hungry after an hour, and this will make you eat more. When you fuel up after running, don’t exceed 150 calories fill up with food packed with protein and good carbohydrates. You can also eat a pre-workout snack like a banana or a peanut butter sandwich before running so you’re not too hungry after running.

You actually don’t run enough

Take a gander at your weekly running schedule; if you’re just running once or twice a week, this might not be enough especially if you’re only limiting your runs to around 20 minutes. You see, to lose at least one pound a week, you need to cut out 500 calories daily. If your goal is really weight loss, you need to run at least four times a week and incorporate other forms of cardiovascular exercises and metabolism boosting strength training on other days.

You might be burning less than you thought

A 150 pound person needs to run more than 45 minutes just to burn off 495 calories. If you didn’t run this much, or you didn’t pair your running with other exercises or strength training, then chances are you don’t burn off enough calories each day. Always keep track of your running and workouts each day.

Same old, same old

If you do the same running each day, do the same route, and do the same exercises with your running, at some point your body will experience a “workout plateau” and you won’t have any weight loss even if you increase the time in running. Mix up your running by doing speed intervals, hills, long runs, short runs, and run on different surfaces and not just hard roads.

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