Where Does Your Fat Go After Weight Loss?

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We still burn off fat even if we’re not exercising. Naturally, we burn off even more when we exercise regularly. When you’re going for weight loss by replacing it with muscle, fat is a primary source of energy. So whether we’re doing high intensity training or running every other day, when we do have weight loss, don’t you wonder where all that fat is going? Ask any doctor, medical expert, or nutrition expert, and they’ll tell you that the fat lost from the body is simply converted to energy, lost as heat, turned into muscle, or just excreted. According to the researchers from the Biotechnology and Biomolecular Science at the University of New South Wales, they tried out a method to try and trace where fat goes after weight loss.

The results were very surprising and exposed a completely unexpected outcome, sort of like a “black hole” to every weight loss effort. What the researchers discovered was that almost 80 percent of fat molecules being “burned off” as excess actually exit the body through exhaling breaths. For every 10 kilograms of fat lost, around 8 kilograms is exhaled out of the body as carbon dioxide. The 20 percent is lost as energy, converted with muscles, or through urine, bowel movement, and sweat. Breathing out fat makes sense because the harder you run or exercise the more fat you burn, and thus, this exits through all the huffing and puffing going on.

However, a technical question arises that, if the lungs are the primary organs that we can lose weight, can one lose weight simply by breathing more without exercising? The obvious answer, of course, according to the researchers, is a big and resounding “no.” For every 10 kilograms of fat lost, you need to inhale 29 kilograms of oxygen to break up fat molecules and so energy can be released. Also, fats can be released into water and carbon dioxide. If you breathe in and breathe out more oxygen than you need to sustain your metabolic rate, then you’re breathing heavily during workouts means that you’re burning more fat and exhaling this out.

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