What You Need to Know about the Lemonade Diet

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The Lemonade diet has been used by a lot of individuals to lose weight. It wasn’t that popular at first until Beyonce claimed that this diet has helped her lose 20 pounds for her hit movie, “Dream Girls”. This diet plan was established by Stanley Burroughs. It is also called, the “Master Cleanse” or “Maple Syrup” diet. The lemonade diet was used as a detoxification and fasting program by some people. Nowadays, many view it as an effective weight loss program. This type of dieting is extreme because you will only be allowed to drink a lemon concoction and no food is allowed. This is going to last for 2 weeks! Can you handle it?

Normally, you will definitely achieve weight loss if you are not eating anything and if you are only drinking a few calories. You also need to be aware that the lemonade diet can be harmful to your health. According to nutritionists, this diet lacks all the important nutrients that our body needs such as fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins, calories and protein. In this diet plan, you will not be allowed to eat solid foods or take any supplements. To keep you hydrated, all you have to do is drink that Master Cleanse elixir. This means that you can only drink 6 or more servings of this lemonade juice and that’s all.

Once the 14 days is over, that is the only time you can start eating solid foods again. Although this diet can indeed let you lose weight, it also causes you to suffer from a calorie deficit. However, the problem is that what you will be able to lose is only water weight and muscle, not body fat. Aside from that, the fasting also has bad effects such as; starvation, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sluggishness, diarrhea, nausea, or constipation. Moreover, a dietician named Melinda Johnson, RD, said that this diet plan is totally wrong. This is what she said;”There is no scientific evidence that you need anything like this or any other detox program to cleanse your body or help you lose weight.” Now that you know this, will you still try the lemonade diet?


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