What to Drink Instead of Diet Soda

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Are you fond of drinking soda? Although it may taste really good, it is high in aspartame and fructose corn syrup which is bad for your health. Due to this reason, it would be best to avoid it. However, you can still drink other beverages to serve as healthy alternatives to this harmful drink. What can you drink instead of soda?

  • Energy drinks – You can drink your favorite energy drink sometimes as a replacement for diet soda. Make sure that it only contains a few calories. Read the label at the back of the drink to know how much calories it has to offer. Although this might be a good substitute, it should still be drunk in moderation.
  • Coffee – If you are looking for an energy boost which can prevent you from feeling sleepy, a cup of coffee would be nice. This drink contains caffeine which can perk you up during lazy hours.
  • Tea – You’ll surely love this one. Tea has several health benefits and it can even make you lose weight. There are several different flavors that you can try. Each of them can provide various effects. Some can help you relax, some relive stress and tension, others are to help you trim down.
  • Homemade flavored sparkling water – This type of beverage is gaining lots of attention these days. You can see sparkling water all over the grocery stores. How can you make one at home? Just simply put a splash of cranberry juice or orange juice in an 8-ounce glass of water. If you like, you can also add fruits or vegetables in your drink, the put some ice to it.  You will really like the taste of your water afterwards. To make it more delicious, try using strawberries, raspberries, mint or cucumber on it.
  • Sparkling water – You can find this anywhere like in convenience stores, at the supermarket or even at your nearby grocery store. It comes in various flavors which will surely entice you.
  • Coconut water – The good thing about coconut water is that it as plenty of health benefits. It has the ability to balance electrolyte levels and it also contains a lot of natural minerals and potassium.
  • Water – Drinking plenty of water can help flush out the toxins from your body. This is the perfect alternative to diet soda because not only is it good for your health but it can also make you lose weight.


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