What is the Best Weight Loss Tip

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With so many weight loss tips out there, have you ever wondered which one is the best? According to Dr. Mehmet Oz;”Have protein within an hour of awakening in the morning. It’s simple to do. Anyone can afford to buy an egg for breakfast. It gets you started in the right way. The protein will satiate you during the day. It gives you nutrients that your brain craves. You won’t be hungry.” Based from his advice, you must start the day by eating protein-rich foods. One good example is eggs. You can do many things with them, you can boil them, scramble them or fry them. They are perfect for breakfast because they help prevent unhealthy food cravings which can make you fat. To help you achieve quick weight loss, you can combine eating foods high in protein with exercise.

Dr. Oz further relates;”But it’ll also allow you to do muscle mass if you’re doing a little bit of weight bearing exercise. With it, you can include the yolk which actually reduces inflammation in the brain. That inflammation’s been linked to Alzheimer’s.” If you are not a fan of eggs in the morning, you can also eat soy proteins during the most important meal of the day. “Protein also replaces the usual junky, sugary breakfast so many Americans have. And so many Americans don’t have time to make a big complex breakfast.” He said. Aside from that, he also provided tips on how to prepare eggs when he said;”So you can hard boil eggs the night before. It takes literally three minutes to make an egg, so there’re not a whole of excuses. You can give them to everyone in the family real quick. So that’s my one simple tip.”

Since the New Year means fresh starts and changes, he knew that many people would be making weight loss their New Year’s resolutions. This is what he advised to those who planned to do it;”Make them realistic because that’s the key to a successful resolution and make them attainable. With vague goals, we get vague resolutions. If you get grandiose goals, well, then they’ll create resignation because you’re going to fail. So aim for very concrete, realistic attainable goals. And then make a specific action plan around them and tell your friends about them. Your friends, if they’re truly trying to help you, will support you.” If you follow his advices, you are sure to hit your weight loss target in 2013.


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