Weight Problems

If you read health headlines, you know that obesity is today’s top health epidemic. Why the alarm? Among other reasons, obesity has been cited as a major cause of death and disease, increasing the risks for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers. The risks are higher if excess body fat is around the abdomen.

Your charge: keeping your weight within a healthy range.

These five strategies all promote a healthy weight. Pick one. Then take action with small steps in solving your weight problems, starting today.

  1. Move more. Build up to 60 minutes of moderate activity daily. Spend less leisure time sitting—watching TV, at the computer. You’ll find lots of ways in this book.
  2. Eat more slowly. Pay attention to know if you’re really hungry and when you’re full.
  3. Try smaller portions. Start with less. If you’re really hungry, you can go back for more.
  4. Enjoy five to nine fruit and vegetable servings a day.Most are low in calories.
  5. Drink more water. Consume fewer soft drinks.
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