Weight Loss Training Safety for Those 50 and Up

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Many individuals 50 years and up are realizing that a fat belly or being overweight will have consequences as they age. Thus, they have begun embarking on eating healthy as well as doing some medium to heavy exercising and weight training. Now, it may be easy to go riding a bike or go for a run, but when you’re 50 and over and doing some weight training along with your other cardio activities is a different story.

In reality, the weight loss benefits of weight training for those on 50 and beyond is actually good for the muscles and prevents aging sarcopenia, or muscle loss due to aging. Not only are excess calories, body fat, and weight burned off, but the exercises also increases metabolism because the development of the muscles burns off calories and excess body fat even at rest.

Other health benefits of weight training for weight loss for both men and women at 50 and over include lowering the risk of heart disease, lowering hormonal changes that can bring on rapid deterioration of bone density, burning off belly fat, and increasing calorie burning muscle tissue.

How much weight should be used for weight loss training?

Determining the amount of weight needed to be lifted will depend on the number of repetitions that can be done properly. The proper weight for lifting should not go below 8 to 15 repetitions. Anything less may be too heavy, anything more may be too light. Make sure the weights being lifted aren’t too heavy and likely to strain.

How many sets and reps are best for this age group?

Those at 50 and beyond must not be allowed to do traditional sets and reps made for younger age groups since this might lead to spine or knee injuries because of the heavy resistance. 3 sets at 8 to 15 reps per set is more realistic for this age group.

How often should training be?

Beginners at this age group should start out a twice a week for the first month. After this, increase to three to four times a week. Don’t do back-to-back days as the muscles need time to recover.

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