Weight Loss Tips – How to Stop Excessive Snacking

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If you want to achieve weight loss, you need to stop snacking too much. The problem is that, snacking has become a common habit for most of us. We do it anywhere and anytime we want. It happens automatically that we barely even notice how much we’ve already eaten. If you’re fond of snacking, now is the time to slowly kick the habit. But how can this be done? The first step to accomplish this goal is to quit snacking at night. To stop unhealthy food cravings in the evening, make sure to eat a healthy and satisfying breakfast like eggs, oatmeal or Greek yogurt. At lunch time, you may mix protein, fat and healthy carbs.

It is also important to relish your treats to fight your late-night cravings. Don’t eat when you cook. As much as possible, eat some light but heavy snacks before cooking. You can eat raw veggies before you cook to avoid munching on food during this activity. It is easier to attain weight loss success if you are able to determine what types of healthy foods you can cook quickly. Another good way to stop yourself from snacking a lot is by storing healthy snacks in your car. To avoid stopping by the nearest “drive-thru”, make sure to stock up healthy snacks in your car.

Some good examples of these snacks include; small bags of nuts or apples. According to a healthy psychologist at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC, named Janna Fikkan, PhD;”Drive home via another route so you won’t pass your favorite fast-food restaurants. It doesn’t have to be the shortest way home, as long as you avoid the drive-thru.” Keeping a food or snack diary can also help. It would be a good practice to record the foods you’re eating on each meal including snacks. This way, you’ll see how often you are indulging and then you’ll be moved to cut back on what you’re usually eating. If you work in an office, you must avoid office snacks and vending machines. The foods they offer are usually bad for your diet and will prevent you from achieving weight loss. Bring your own healthy snacks to work to avoid these unhealthy food choices.


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