Weight Loss May Now Depend on Your Body Type

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Are you curvy, pear shaped, or athletic? The secret to weight loss might be what you see in the mirror. A new trend suggests that women should work out based on the shape of their body. Of course, there are only three main body shapes, namely, athletic, curvy and pear. According to Fredina Usher-Weems, fitness expert from the Cleveland Clinic, the focus on this study is on women because they have a more difficult time at weight loss. The suggestion is to tailor your workout to match your body type.

Here are tips for the three common body shapes.

PEAR Body Type:

This body type means most of the weight loss occurs below the belly button. Pears should focus on upper body work such as bicep curls, triceps, and low-impact cardio.

APPLE (Athletic) Body Type:

Most of your weight loss goes into your abdominals. Backflies, diamond shaped squats and lateral raises are good for Apple-shaped women, along with a focus on your abs. Basic crunches on the floor, whether you’re in a seat, or standing, so long as you get some type of abdominal work in.

CURVY Body Type:

This is also known as the hour glass body. Curve-shaped women need to focus on shoulders and thighs to keep weight off those areas. They need to make sure they do a total body workout. Developing a fitness routine based on body type might be beneficial for most. However, not all fitness experts are on board with the idea. Some say it has nothing to do with body type.

If an apple or curvy woman wanted the same result in the gym their exercises would be the same. Exercising based on a body category is not all that accurate. On the other hand, Fredina stands by her claim. She claims that shape-specific exercise routines pay off. If you do those exercises, along with eating right, and sleeping, you will see a change.

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