Weight Loss May Feel Like Punishment

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Lesson Number One

There will be setbacks in weight loss

It will not matter that five years ago you a total of 80 pounds and had managed to lose a further 40 during the past few months. Like the federal government, your body wants more. No problem, because weight loss is easy, right?

In your dreams! Say goodbye to your last Velveeta cheese loaf if you intend to lose a further pound or two. The goal has always been to be healthier. It’s tough to pitch a healthy lifestyle to your children when it takes your two kids plus your wife give you lift assistance from the couch. So, some of you start to regularly walk. When you start to have more energy, you went to jogging. The problems start here when the jogging leads to knee problems. That’s where the whole setback thing comes into play.

After three or four days straight of eating 11 calories per day, you will sometimes dream about steaming plates of macaroni and cheese or a Burger King in front of you. Don’t panic. This is normal.

Lesson Number Two

Your taste buds will change

The first couple of days of weight loss, your body may start to protest the switch from everything fried to everything bland. The better food tastes, the worse it is for your waistline is a scientific fact. The sheer absence of any flavor whatsoever is always connected to weight loss. This suffering will actually pass. When you are incredibly hungry, your bland supper will suddenly seem overflowing with flavor. Your no-fat fruit yogurt will take on the appeal of a sumptuous desert.

Lesson Number Three

Accept the fact that you will feel hungry

You are eating basically what an anorexic ballerina eats, so of course you are going to feel hungry. You will wake up hungry. You will go to bed hungry. Is this punishment? Wake up, because you’re just into a weight loss program. Deal with it. Your hunger will become your constant companion. Your senses will become heightened. You may get the shakes every time you see a fast food commercial on TV. You may become fixated on cook books, and salivating is a strong possibility if you open a nutrition magazine.

Now you know why Americans are overweight. Losing weight feels like punishment.

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