Weight Loss Efforts Mean Good Planning and Proper Preparation

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When going on any type of weight loss exercise program, make sure that you have everything planned out properly and have proper preparation. Always remember the old school methods of exercising that still works in this modern age. Before exercising, always warm up, and after a rigorous workout, cool down afterwards.

Safety Considerations

Always take into consideration all safety factors and regulations when doing any type of physical fitness program. To achieve these results:

  • Always perform warm-up and cool-down movements before and after rigorous training activities.
  • When performing a number of sets and repetitions for any physical activity, always start from the minimum and slowly increase as time goes by. Never do sets and repetitions using a large number at once.
  • Always use the proper form and precision of executions or else the exercises will be useless.
  • If you have a pre-set or pre-arranged exercises set for each day and you missed a day of physical activity, pick up with the next day’s activities and not from the previous day.

A little muscle soreness is to be expected when beginning a weight loss exercise program. However, when pain or discomfort cannot be tolerated, don’t aggravate by continuing to exercise. Consult a physician if symptoms persist.

Injury Control

Injuries with intense physical activities can be controlled and prevented. Remember that safety should be the first concern for any weight loss activity. Many common injuries are caused by exercising too much or exerting too much effort on physical activities to gain too much at once. This can also be caused by too rapid an increase in the exercise workload.

The most common injuries, especially if you decide to go running, occur in the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. Sometimes hard to avoid, these can be kept to a bare minimum.

Proper Footwear

Shoes play a big role in preventing injury. Always choose shoes for exercising or running suitable for both your type of feet and the activities you need to do.

  • Always tie and untie shoes when putting them on and taking them off.
  • The best pair of shoes for you is not the most expensive. Proper fit and comfort are the priority.
  • Always shop for shoes in the afternoon because your feet swell up during this time.


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