Weight Loss Beliefs that Make You Gain Extra Pounds

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I’m sure you are well-informed of the various weight loss methods scattered everywhere. There are thousands of crazy diets out there, some will require you to stop eating fatty foods, eat purely plant foods, drink only liquids, etc. Many overweight individuals will do anything and try everything just to shed the excess pounds. Although these diets can make it hard for you to find one that works, what’s even harder is to have wrong beliefs that can make you fat. What are they?

1. All calories are bad. – There are dieters who think that all calories are bad for the health. Even if the calories are coming from fruits, they still believe that those are just equivalents of those that come from chocolate bars. According to health experts, this claim is not true at all. Calories are also important to boost one’s metabolism and to keep the body functioning properly. Based from an article of yahoo.com, Robert Lustig, MD, pediatric endocrinologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital said;”Low-sugar, high-fiber foods cause lower blood sugar peaks, less insulin release and less weight gain.” This means that not all calories are bad for the health. Foods like potato chips, sodas, potatoes, processed meats and unprocessed red mean however, contain bad calories so you must avoid them.

2. Eating several meals a day can aid in weight loss. – Scientifically speaking, this claim is untrue. When you eat more, you gain more weight. Studies show that there’s no difference between eating three big meals and six small meals a day. This strange belief will only lead one to consume more calories because he is instructed to eat more food.

3. When you eat dinner isn’t important. – Another weight loss belief that you need to throw out of the window is that the time you eat dinner doesn’t matter. Actually, it does matter. If you eat very late at night, you tend to eat more. However, if you have dinner early and fast for the rest of the night, you’ll be able to lose weight. Make it a habit to eat dinner before 6 pm and then not eat anything after that time. You will soon notice an improvement on your weight because of this single effort.

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