Weight Loss All Thanks to Wii Fit

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A 38-year-old British woman who once weighed at around 252 pounds can now parade about her home in sexy lingerie (when her kids are out, of course) after a weight loss of 112 pounds, a dramatic change in physique she credits to a Wii Fit regimen. Lara Roberts was greatly thankful for the Wii Fit video game that allowed her to work out in her home because she was very self-conscious about visiting a gym or jogging in public. As a result, she had a weight loss from 252 to 140 pounds in a year.

For those not familiar with the name, Wii Fit is a video exercise game created by Nintendo using its home video game console. It consists of activities that utilize the Wii Balance Board peripheral that comes with the purchase of the game. The game features balance games, aerobics, strength training, and even yoga. It even has sessions for physiotherapy rehabilitation.  However, there was a dietary component to this change. A British Tab News report says that Ms. Roberts ditched the comfort eating, which had surged to nearly 4,000 calories a day, until a friend pointed out her nonstop consumption.

She became frightened that if she didn’t do any weight loss, chances are she wouldn’t live to see her girls grow up. This may sound like the textbook definition of “results may vary,” but it did happen. First, it took a full year of getting up at 5 in the morning to work out. That’s not a quick-fix miracle program. Second, she recognized fully how her eating habits required a disciplined change in behavior.

Third, she was motivated by concern for her children and she had the support of her family. Embarrassment can be a powerful motivation, but it’s nothing without a support network. What makes this all plausible is the fact that Wii Fit appealed to her because it allowed her to work out in private. The benefits? Doesn’t Ms. Robert’s 140 pounds appeal enough? Well, her daughter’s male friends often can’t keep their eyes off her.

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