Want to Lose Weight? Play a Video Game

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Richard Eisenbeis was a rather skinny kid while growing up. Thanks to an amazingly high metabolism, he could eat anything as much as he wanted and never gain weight. During winter breaks and summer, Richard did nothing but eat junk food and play video games. He even lost 5 pounds in high school, dropping him to 119 pounds. His parents told him to enjoy it while it lasted. Eventually his metabolism would slow down and he would have to start a regular diet and exercise to lose weight, or get fat.

By college his weight stabilized at 135 pounds. However, in his early twenties, it began to climb without his noticing. The first time he did take notice was in the shower when he looked down and saw how big his stomach was expanding. He tried jogging and hated it, feeling bad each morning just to wake up early. So after a while Richard decided it was easier to diet and lose weight. He began limiting himself to two meals a day. He stuck to a diet of 1500 calories a day, no more.

Sometimes he would go a bit over the 1500 mark at dinner when out to eat with friends or after a bad day. But, around the end of last year, he was now hovering around 180 pounds. Getting motivated again because he working in Japan where the vast majority of the population weighs less than him, he decided to try out a different kind of work out, the Dance Dance Revolution video game. Back in the high school and college, Richard was pretty good with DDR. He played at the arcade two or three times a week and went to every tournament in driving distance.

He could do every song in the video exercise game on the “hard” level. So, on a New Year’s Day (part of his “resolution”) he set up in a spare room his old PS2, an old CRT TV, and a new DDR pad. At first Richard started light, finishing 20 songs on the “easy” level. However, on the next day, he could barely move his legs. This is normal for a person not having done any exercise for quite some time. He still continued despite the painful muscles which lasted a week.

On the second week he was doing 20 “medium” and 10 “easy” songs for an hour. By the fourth month, he was up to 5 “medium” songs for warm-up and 15 on “hard” level after that. The results are nothing spectacular, but Richard did lose weight. Starting at 180 pounds, he is down to 167 pounds. He had to tighten his belt another notch, and he feels a lot more awake during the day.

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