Too Much of these in Your Daily Diet May Cause You Premature Skin Wrinkles


We all think that sun exposure, stress, and smoking were the only factors to worry about when it comes to premature skin ageing. However, not many know that there are a number of foods that also contain nasty ingredients that have the potential to boost the rate of premature wrinkles or skin ageing. Here are the main perpetrators to limit or avoid in your daily diet if you don’t want your skin going prematurely dry and aged.


You need to limit your sugar intake if you don’t want your skin ageing speeding up like a Formula 1 racecar. Not only will this overdose in the diet cause you to be fat, but it can also cause the skin to be wrinkly since sugar can cross-link with collagen so the skin becomes dehydrated and less flexible.


This is the ultimate dehydrator because alcohol takes away the skin’s vitamins B, A, and C, and these are all vital for the skin’s overall health. Excessive alcohol depletes minerals including magnesium and zinc that are needed to slow down the ageing process.

Artificial Sweeteners

Perhaps you had better stick to pure sugar than go for artificial sweeteners in your breakfast diet. These can often be toxic to the liver, and the liver is important to slow down the ageing process.

Milk and Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, milk and cheese don’t contain that much fiber for a healthy bowel movement. In fact, milk and cheese contain casein, a milk protein that unfortunately, many people are sensitive to and may clog up the guts and cause constipation. Casein is even proven to cause acne and eczema. Of course, milk and cheese still have nutrients that are healthy for the body, just don’t eat too much. Choose the low-fat and non-fat varieties since these have much of the casein removed.

Processed Meats

These are high in salt and preservative content and triggers off inflammatory causes of diseases. They also eat up a lot of vitamin C which is essential for collagen production.


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