Too Much Herbal Foods and Supplements with the Diet May Be More Harmful


Adding herbal foods to the daily diet or using herbal dietary supplements may be a good idea to cover nutrients and vitamins not always covered by the food we take in daily. However, taking too much of these may be causing more harm to our kidneys than we know of. This was the warning aired by an Asian health expert who said that taking in too much herbal foods or herbal supplements as part of our daily diet especially for the long term may lead to kidney disease or permanent kidney damage. This may be further amplified if the herbals are used without a doctor’s prescription or guidance. In reality, there’s nothing wrong, per se, with herbal products or eastern medicinal supplements, however, no one knows outside of doctors if what dosage is really safe and for how long we can keep taking these herbal foods or supplements without harming the body’s organs.

According to medical researchers from the Asian Society and Institute of Nephrology and the National Nutrition and Food Research Institute in a recent health forum held in Singapore, since everything we take in passes through the liver and kidneys, so do these herbal products, and no one knows the long term effects of these to the organs. These herbal medications, particularly those made in China, may have serious consequences on kidney function. Diabetes and hypertension are the main causes of kidney disease, but in this case, the dosage and toxicity of so-called herbal food remedies may cause disease or damage directly to the organs. Western medicine has been thoroughly studied so dosages can be controlled and limited, but not so with Eastern herbal remedies, most especially those from mainland China.

The research findings actually discovered a direct connection between high doses of herbal foods and supplements with kidney and liver damage. In mainland China, the rise in cases of kidney disease has been pegged on large and long term dosages of Chinese herbal food products included in the everyday diet. In the Philippines, the major causes of kidney diseases and high blood pressure now include taking long term herbal products aside from diabetes and hypertension.

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