Three Lessons Video RPG Games Can Teach You About Weight Loss

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The basic misconception is that people who continuously play video games, or what is known as RPG or Role Playing Games, are the very epitome of bad health. This is because most gamers are pictured as fat and overweight individuals who can’t get fit because they sit all day on the couch or in front of a desktop. What many people don’t realize is that there are major lessons in RPG’s that can be learned with it comes to weight loss.

Everyone starts at level one

In many RPG’s, there’s actually a cheat mode wherein you can fight the evil leader or evil lord by jumping several levels. Unfortunately, you end up defeated because you’re attempting to fight a level 15 character using your lever two character. It’s the same with efforts at weight loss when you suddenly throw yourself into muscle workouts or run a marathon while just a beginner. Fitness and exercise all start at level one. Running starts with 10 or 15 minute runs for two weeks and then you increase as time goes by.

You can only pick one class

In all games you can only pick one class of character, so you’re either a warrior, magician, Terran, or Alien invader. You can’t be both at the same time. However, with beginners who want to go all out with weight loss, they want to run marathons and do body building at the same time. Since when did you ever see a body builder run marathons? Once you’ve picked the “class” you want, start at level one and progress slowly as you go along. With this progress, you get real weight loss and you get better in your efforts. The nice thing is that later on you can decide to change class.

Change tactics if nothing works

Most gamers experience failing at higher levels; some may even repeat a level more than a dozen times before they finally succeed. The secret? They thought things out and used different tactics until they got through. In fitness, sometimes the last 10 pounds can be as stubborn. Perhaps you’ve fallen into a weight loss plateau because your body has well-adjusted to your rhythms. When this happens, change your exercise routines.

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