These Three Non-Dieting Factors Might Be Affecting Your Weight Loss Efforts

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While some experts may say that weight loss is nothing more than “calories in versus calories out,” this philosophy doesn’t fully hold true after all. And this can be seen by the fact that some people can break through a weight loss plateau by simply switching from a heavy diet to just changing up their meal balance, portioning smaller, and using sheer timing. Also, individuals who are really stressed out and sleep deprived tend to lose weight far less than they need to. Lifestyle and environmental factors also play a large role in influencing eating and metabolism.

Shift Work

People who work in different shifts each week or often takes the night shift tend to burn less calories over a 24-hour period. When the body’s circadian rhythm (what we call our “body clock”) is thrown off course, your normal diet may become excessive because the body’s metabolism slows down. It even affects gut bacteria that also affects your digestive system. If you really have the night shifts, eat more nutrient-rich foods like fresh veggies, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, and drink plenty of water.

Weight Criticism

People who actually experienced weight discrimination or “fat shaming” even as a joke from those close to them gained more weight while those who didn’t suffer from this had actual weight loss. In fact, those who faced fat shaming from loved ones tended to add more weight faster in a matter of months. While we can’t control what others think of us, we can improve personal mindfulness by practicing yoga meditation. This not only lowers hunger hormones but also reduces stress.

Artificial Additives

Artificial preservatives and additives found in many processed foods have been proven by research to be associated with metabolic problems such as obesity and glucose intolerance. The changes may be due to the effect of additives on gut bacteria. Chemicals break down the mucus lining that protects the gut. Unhealthy bacteria then comes in contact with the gut cells, triggering inflammation and thus, affecting metabolism. It is therefore important to read labels especially with foods you’re not familiar with buying.

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