The Restaurant Habit That May Be Sabotaging Your Efforts to Lose Weight

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Are you drinking the occasional diet soda drink when you go out eating in restaurants? Of course, you already know that even diet soda is bad for you. But you’re thinking the occasional drink isn’t the end of the world. However, there is a new study that has found that this so-called healthy sugar-free drink is doing more harm that you ever thought and could even be derailing all your efforts to lose weight. According to the research done by the American Geriatrics Society, people who regularly drank diet soda when eating at restaurants even for just once a week over a nine-year period packed on almost three times the belly fat compared to those who drank no soda drinks at all.

After removing factors such as smoking, diabetes, and physical activity levels from the people they studied, they found that diet soda still strongly correlated with abdominal weight gain and that most efforts to lose weight for the week are lost and the weight gained back from just one can of diet soda. This may also be scary considering that abdominal weight gain is associated with type 2 diabetes, increased cardiovascular disease, and inflammation.

Most people may wonder how does a zero-calorie drink destroy efforts to lose weight. For one, diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that can have changing effects in gut bacteria and can decrease appetite controlling Leptin hormones. Also, your body can’t distinguish between real sugar and artificial sweeteners, so the brain is still sending signals that your body is getting a major calorie boost that will make you reach out for more high-calorie or sweet foods to fill in the void.

Though this finding is made worse with already overweight people who gain back lost weight with every can of diet soda, even healthy or fit people aren’t exempt from this. In short, there’s no free pass to drinking a diet soda, or any soda for that matter. While drinking diet soda perhaps once a month may not affect the body so much, drinking it every time you go to a restaurant may be spelling trouble for your body.

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