The Proven Old-School Habits That Always Lead to Weight Loss

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You don’t need to be a doctor, personal trainer, and nutritionist to know how to go about weight loss. You don’t even need to hire any of these because all you need is to remember some basic old school but proven habits that will make you lose weight and keep you healthy.

Give up food habits you thought you loved

There are some food indulgences such as pizza, submarine sandwiches, and soda drinks that you may find hard to give up simply because you really love these. But when you don’t give them up, you might as well just sit back and wait for obesity to arrive. Real weight loss effort means giving up those foods that will make you only fat. Period. End of discussion. This spells out as discipline. Go through your daily dietary lineups and see what you need to get rid of and what alternatives you can replace them with. No discipline, no weight loss. Period.

Track and record your exercise sets and reps

You ran a mile in 20 minutes three times a week for two to three weeks; if you’re still planning to run the same distance in the same time for the next three weeks, that won’t do your body any good. All you’ll hit is a weight loss plateau. Or if you’ve been doing 10 pushups daily for the past three weeks, maybe it’s time you leveled up to 15 or 20 in a day. Exercise variety keeps the body, fats, and muscles guessing so your body stays healthy, your fats get burned into energy, and your muscles develop more efficiently.

Log and record everything you eat

After you measure your food for calories or even if you don’t, just log it down. You don’t even need a special app for this, though it won’t hurt if you do have one. All you need is a simple pen and notebook. This is so that when you weigh yourself after a month and your weight hasn’t gone down, you can go back to the list of what you ate and try to trace the culprits.

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