The Paradigm Shift from Weight Loss

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It’s time to take a new approach to wellness by simply promoting healthy, happy living for everyone; every member of the family. This is an urgent challenge for countries around the world because the cult of thinness that permeates our lives is taking its toll. Viewing health through a weight loss perspective has not helped families become healthier. Instead, research shows it is causing harm.

The healthy living approach that embraces self-acceptance, respect and diet-free eating comes as a refreshing change. This approach offers the simplicity of stress-free living. Live actively, eat well and feel good about yourself and others is all that is needed. The shift doesn’t ignore people with eating problems or who really need weight loss. However, its approach is more preventive, health-centered, and compassionate that leaves restrictive thinking behind and promotes health in body and mind.

The Paradigm Shift

This paradigm shift from weight loss is called simple healthy living, or health at any or at every size.

With this different approach, the health care provider now asks:

  • How can I help this individual be healthier at the size she is now?
  • How can we promote health without fostering new problems related to eating disorder or weight loss attempts?
  • How can we reduce stress and help this patient enjoy a normal lifestyle with physical activity and eating well?

This philosophy honors diversity as a positive characteristic of the human race. It also reassures parents that children can be healthy at their natural sizes. The notion that thin people are healthy and large people unhealthy is false. People recognize that the body cannot be shaped at will. People now should be wary of diet fads that don’t work and sometimes kill, widespread nutrition deficiencies, arrested development of teenagers, deadly increase in eating disorders, and the unconscionable harassment of overweight individuals.

The Paradigm Shift Still Recognizes the Prevention of Obesity

The health at any size approach still recognizes the problems of obesity, being overweight, and eating disorders. At the same time, it also acknowledges that size bullying and dangerous weight loss attempts are not separate issues. This is due to the diet industry’s so-called “current war on obesity” being fought in newspapers and medical clinics and produced money grabbing diet fads. While obesity, overweightness, and eating disorders must be addressed, it should not be done so in harmful ways.

This health at any size approach helps to prevent problems and heals the problem. It embraces these concepts:

  • Accept and respect your own and others’ unique traits and talents; celebrate diversity.
  • A healthy lifestyle is achievable without everyone turning to so-called “ideal weight.”
  • Enjoy natural and beneficial physical activity your own way.
  • Enjoy eating well without dieting.
  • Enjoy full nutrition; honor balance and variety; all foods can fit.
  • Focus on wellness in body and mind; focus on overall health.
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