The Obesity Epidemic Battle Can Be Won Only Through Personal Weight Loss

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In the news recently, some countries are proposing that their governments should fine parents of obese children. In other news, some countries are proposing that manufacturers of processed foods be fined or their business licenses be revoked unless they switch to healthier ingredients for their products. This leads to the decades old question about the obesity epidemic: Who is more to blame about the obesity epidemic? But then if you apply logic to this, when it comes to childhood obesity, we are all concerned – most especially nutrition experts and lawmakers – with assigning blame for the obesity problem rather than finding a solution. In fact, the solution is quite simple: If every obese person went on a personal effort on weight loss, then this epidemic is considered licked.

Of course, we still can’t ignore the real culprits behind the childhood obesity epidemic. These are the corporate food manufacturers and their lobbyists that push products packed with processed sugar and fatty foods. And there are the lethargic parents who negligently reward and appease their children with processed foods and cultivating a generation of kids more concerned with a new tablet than with physical activity. We can all demand change. We can demand change for the sake of the children who will grow up seemingly unhappy because of obesity. We can go on and on blaming food manufacturers and parents for this obesity epidemic. But the final solution is much easier than laying blame on numerous things.

If we can convince parents to go on a weight loss program and encourage their children to be more physically active, if we can convince parents and all overweight persons to stay away from processed foods, eat healthy, and exercise more, then we would have solved the obesity epidemic. The message is simple: personal responsibility; when it comes to obesity, the obese person is to blame and so the obese person is the solution. Taking personal responsibility means accepting the fact that you are overweight and you need to do something about it. There is no excuse for not taking any effort on weight loss, because ultimately, no matter how much you blame others for your obesity, you only have yourself to blame for being overweight.

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