The Mothers of Tomorrow Need to Lose Weight or Their Kids Face Obesity

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Researchers from the Edinburgh University say that women need to lose weight if these women are obese and of child-bearing age. What happens is that children born to overweight or obese mothers face a higher risk of health problems in later life. The mothers likewise face negative health issues in the future if they remain overweight or obese after giving birth. To study long-term consequences of being an overweight mother in need to lose weight, an extensive study on this was conducted and included long-term effects on offspring as well from data gathered all across Europe.

The study that involved over 13,000 individuals revealed that babies born to overweight or obese mothers are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, or stroke. The study also found that obese women eat a diet with more saturated fats and with less vitamins and minerals during pregnancy as compared to the diet of healthier women. The placenta of mothers who ate a high fat diet had less protection for the fetus against the stress hormone, cortisol. Offspring born to obese women were also more likely to be small and prone to suffer mood disorders during adulthood.

A similar study made by the National Research Council in Pisa, Italy, found that more attention needed to be given to the prevention of obesity or having more attempts to lose weight even with overweight women who will be the future mothers who may possibly give birth to babies who may also be prone to obesity in later life. Both studies had similar findings that the end of the pregnancy period is the most important. This is because the babies’ metabolic health that includes the development of sugars and fats in their blood may become worse if mothers are overweight or obese. The message is thus, pure and simple, and that is, mothers should stay fit and healthy before, during, and after pregnancy to be sure of their children’s future health. They need to ensure to have a balanced diet and make sure they are physically active.

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