The Mind Diet Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease


New research findings have recently discovered that there are certain foods and nutrition additions to the diet that can improve cognition and memory function in the brain for the long term. And it’s not even a strict diet regimen that will benefit the brain.

The discovery and development of the new nutritional program came from nutritional epidemiologists from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and published in the Journal for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association. The new Mind diet can actually slash the risk to Alzheimer’s by 35 percent, even only through moderate adherence to the new eating plan.

The full name for the Mind diet is Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet. The new Mind eating plan consists of:

  • At least three servings of whole grains a day.
  • A salad and one other vegetable a day.
  • A glass of wine a day.
  • A serving of nuts a day.
  • Beans every other day.
  • Poultry and berries at least twice a week.
  • Fish at least once a week.
  • Limit unhealthy brain food like cheese, butter, fast food, and dried food. These can be limited to one tablespoon a day.

The Mind diet is actually a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the Dash diet. When both were consumed separately by more than 900 participants from ages 40 to 90, the risk of Alzheimer’s dropped by about 39 percent. However, when both eating plans were taken together and adhered to strictly, the risk to Alzheimer’s dropped down a whopping 53 percent. What was remarkable was that even when participants were asked to only take a moderate Mind diet, the risk to Alzheimer’s still dropped by 35 percent.

The hybrid eating plan is sound since both eating plans are backed by real and research-based findings. Aside from improving the brain’s function and preventing Alzheimer’s, the Mind eating plan also benefits by lowering the risk to heart disease and stroke and lowering blood pressure. The healthy eating plan also includes green leafy vegetables, other colored vegetables, nuts, berries, beans, grains, and olive oil.


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