The Harmful Effects of Diet Soda on Your Body

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Since you’re on a diet, you might be thinking that drinking diet soda can be a good alternative to regular soda. Actually, it isn’t. Did you know that diet soda is the number one source of calories for Americans? It is also one of the major causes of obesity to the citizens of the US. If you’re thinking that a can of diet soda is not harmful to your health, here are just some of its harmful effects to your body:

  • Disrupted metabolism – If you drink at least one can of diet soda on a daily basis, you are at risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome. Some symptoms of this condition include; belly fat and high cholesterol. Now if you have both, you will be at risk for heart disease.
  • Cell damage – The problem with diet beverages is that they contain mold inhibitors like potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate. These are preservatives which can damage your DNA in the mitochondria specifically. Aside from that, these chemicals can also cause allergic reactions, asthma and hives. Sodium and potassium benzoate are also known to irritate the eyes, skin and mucous membranes.
  • Rotten teeth – Since diet soda has a Ph of 3.2, it is considered as something that is very acidic. Too much acid can damage your enamel. Based from the analysis of dental check-up of the University of Michigan, those who drink at least three or more sodas on a daily basis have the worse dental health. Those who love soda are more likely to suffer from tooth decay, missing teeth and more fillings.
  • Reproductive problems – The can in which your soda is contained is also harmful to your health. Soda cans are coated with endocrine disruptor bisphenol A or BPA. This can cause heart disease, obesity and reproductive issues.
  • Obesity – Even if it’s called “diet” soda, it still cannot help you lose weight. Instead, it can increase your waist line by 500%. It’s because it contains artificial sweeteners which can lead you to overeat and thus become overweight. 


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