The Greatest Non-diet Diets

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Are you looking for a diet plan that provides good results? If that is the case, then you should try these incredible non-diet diets. These eating plans can help you achieve total weight loss without starvation, strict calorie-counting and eating packaged foods.

  • Mediterranean Diet – In this diet, you will be required to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like broccoli, olive oil and almonds. You are allowed to drink red wine in this diet plan. That is actually why this kind of diet works. Since you are not restricted to some indulgences like red wine, you won’t have a hard time maintaining this diet.
  • Volumetrics – In volumetrics, you are able to eat a lot of foods without accumulating the pounds. It’s because when following this diet, you are not required to count the calories. All you have to do is to look at the size and volume of ingredients of the foods that you’re eating. The number one technique to prevent starvation for this diet is to eat plenty of vegetables. These foods can really make you full without making you fat.
  • Low-carb Diet – In this diet, you are allowed to eat low-carb alternatives to high-carb foods. Some good examples are protein shakes, non-fat cookies and healthy bars. The good thing about these foods is that you can eat them anytime without worrying about weight gain. So anytime you feel hungry, you can instantly grab them and eat them.
  • South Beach Diet – The good thing about this diet is that you will still be allowed to eat fats, healthy fats that is. Aside from that, you are also allowed to eat fruits and veggies in this diet which makes it ideal for a person like you who wants a non-diet diet.
  • Slim-fast Diet – Are you familiar with this diet? In this one, you will only be allowed to drink shakes, eat healthy snacks and bars. Aside from these foods, you are also allowed to eat some normal foods.
  • Nutrisystem – Diet approach involves meal replacements and online tools for weight management. 
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