The Digital Diet Can Help the Mentally Obese

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Do you spend several hours in front of the computer devouring never-ending bits of information online? If the answer is yes, then there’s a big chance that you are suffering from what is known as “mental obesity”. According to the author of Wisdom in the Age of Twitter, David Ryan Polgar;”What you need is a Digital Diet to cure you.” What led him to say this? Is there any problem with flooding our minds with tons of information? Mr. Polgar relates;”The bottom line is that all the inane information we digest on a daily basis is making it harder to concentrate, be reflective, and think critically. In other words, our smart phones are making us stupid.”

David stressed that being mentally obese is not healthy because it is also similar to overeating. To help us understand his concept better, he used the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos as an example. In this game, a plastic hippo is being operated by a player. There will then be marbles that will be released which need to be eaten by the hippo. What the hippo must do is to eat as many marbles as he can. Now if the marbles don’t stop coming, will the hippos need to continue consuming them until such time that they are already obese? Well, just when you thought that hippos are obese by nature, that isn’t actually so because they only become obese because of different factors.

Same thing goes with people, we are not born to be obese, our eating habits and behaviors are making us one. If you are thinking that being able to grasp a lot of information quickly is good for you, that isn’t really the case. Information overload can make you consume information and not digest them. Because of this, you become mentally obese. To cure this problem, you need to follow a digital diet. This means that you need to minimize the time you spend absorbing an avalanche of information. Spend time away from your computer and allow your mind to rest. By doing so, you become less stressed and eat less thus prompting you to stay fit and healthy.


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