The Correct Focus Should be Weight Loss and Fitness Rather Than Fatness

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Recently, there has been a well-meaning focus on people who are overweight and why these people deserve the respect that is normally forgone all because these people are fat or obese. However, no matter how well-meaning, this focus on obesity has been misguided at best and departs from the real reason to be fit or have weight loss, and that is to be healthy and avoid negative health issues.

It is sad that some so-called “experts” say that the warnings and extent of the “obesity time-bomb” are often exaggerated. If this is the case, then take a look at two major statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Beginning in 2011, the National Child Measurement Programme found that 9 percent of five or six-year olds are obese.
  • 2.7 children in each elementary class of 30 are obese as of 2010. In 1990 this number was only 1.5.
  • 25 percent of boys in elementary level and 23 percent of girls beginning 2003 become overweight or obese in their teens.

Unfortunately, some school boards and medical organizations have focused more on the general treatment and human rights of obese people rather than focusing on weight loss and the role of more physical fitness to promote health. Even the harmful effects of overeating and inactivity were overlooked in the focus on how to treat obese persons.

While eating healthy is important, most schools miss the point to answer the factors involved in obesity. Most health interventions in schools like free school dinners and breakfast clubs may actually contribute more to increase the calories consumed. Many forget that inactivity or the lack of effort for weight loss is a far better predictor of ill health.

From the same statistics providers for the above, it was found that only 7 percent of boys and girls between the ages of 11 to 15 year olds did enough exercise. Also, it is quite normal to see that children and teens that even had moderate physical activities like walking to school and back home, walking to a part-time job, or occasionally joining activities like fun-runs, are more likely to be healthier than their fat counterparts.

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