The 5 Things You May Not Know About the Eggs in Your Diet


Cooked as food by itself or mixed with other foods as an ingredient, eggs are incredibly versatile since they can be prepared in many ways. Mixed, fried, scrambled, poached, hard-cooked, baked, stirred in, and omelet, here are 5 facts about the eggs in your daily diet you may not know of.

Does water or milk really affect scrambled eggs?

The process of cooking eggs into fluffy mounds is called protein coagulation. When the eggs are exposed to heat the proteins unfold to form that latticed gel. Water dilutes the proteins so the eggs become puffed. The fat in milk coats the protein molecules so the protein can’t bind well. Thus, when you have a 50-50 mix of water and milk, you cook up fluffy and tender scrambled eggs that’s perfect for your breakfast diet.

Age doesn’t matter

How old should eggs be to be better when cooked? 7 weeks is the limit of eggs before they start going bad. Egg white begins to thin out at 5 weeks. Of course, nothing beats fresh-farmed eggs, but in matters of quality when cooked, it doesn’t matter; they all taste the same in any breakfast diet.

Do egg sizes matter?

In matters of taste and quality, all eggs are the same. The common B-grade in supermarkets are the most commonly sold in the mass market. There are rare AA-grade and A-grade eggs that are pricier. AA eggs have thicker whites while A eggs have softer yolks.

Do brighter yolks mean fresher eggs?

No. The yellow in egg yolks come from plant pigments called xanthophyll that hens get from their food. Thus, the yolk color will depend on what the hens are eating. Corn and alfalfa feeds provide more yellow pigment than barley and wheat feeds do.

When adding eggs as an ingredient, will it make a difference if the eggs are added one at a time or all at once?

It all depends what works best for you; you can add eggs one at a time by breaking each one in turn, or you can premix the eggs. It doesn’t matter. Some people prefer premixing especially when creamed butter and sugar are needed.


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