Successfully Lose Weight with these Healthy Foods

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The foods that you eat will determine your weight loss. That is why here are some healthy foods that I can recommend to you to help you lose weight and become a sexier version of you. It’s is really hard when you are dieting because all the things that you eat are slowly becoming tasteless and unappealing. However, these foods taste good but can still aid in your weight loss. Let’s find out what they are so you can add them to your diet once and for all.

  • Mushrooms – Dishes that are mushroom-based are just as satisfying as beef dishes. You can add them to your soups, steaks and other foods as a side dish. You can even use them as substitutes to meat. The good thing about them is that they make you feel full early thus preventing you to overeat.
  • Eggs – According to a study, people who eat eggs during their breakfast felt full for a longer period of time. Aside from that it has also been discovered by the study that those who do this have lost more weight than those people who don’t have eggs for breakfast. Eggs are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and folic acid which is why they are good for your health. In addition, they also have the ability to add to a salad’s staying power and make them ideal for snacks.
  • Apples – They do not only taste good but they are low in calories and have four grams of fiber. If you eat plenty of fiber, the easier it is for you to lose weight. The number one characteristic of an apple is that it helps you stay awake thus it is the best food for fighting your mid-afternoon slump.
  • Oats – A study from the Journal of Nutrition revealed that;”Eating a breakfast made with slow-release carbohydrates, like oats or bran three hours before you exercise may help you burn more fat.” The main reason for this is because if you eat slow-release carbs, your blood sugar levels won’t shoot up unlike refined carbs. If you have stable insulin levels, your body won’t store fat hence you won’t gain weight. 


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