Stop Extreme Snacking for Weight Loss

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Seven brain tips to cut down on snacking for better weight loss:

Calm Down

Sometimes you’re not hungry at all; you’re just stressed. Food can often be a calming influence. It shifts the autonomic nervous system away from the fight. But there are other ways to deal with stress like getting some exercise, listening to music, or calling a friend.

Find Something for Distraction

You’re not hungry; you’re just bored. The brain needs to focus on something. So if it doesn’t have something external to focus on, sometimes you think eating is the answer. Some other activity can always take its place. The less you snack, the more weight loss.

Ignore It and Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Your unconscious is very sneaky. Sometimes it tells you you’re hungry because it just wants to procrastinate. This is related to calming down. Realize that you may indeed be hungry, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat. If you are truly engaged in your work then you won’t be hungry. Often we eat to avoid doing what we need to do. If you’re engaged in your work, then you probably won’t even think about it. All you need is to make it past 10 minutes.

Avoiding temptation is easier than resisting it

It’s much easier to avoid temptation than to resist it. Don’t buy food you don’t want to eat, and don’t walk down the snack food aisle. If you can avoid it at the supermarket, then it won’t be whispering to you from the cupboard to affect your weight loss efforts.

Don’t get mad at yourself

Being mad at yourself is just an added source of stress that will likely lead you back to the fridge. If you start to crave something, or even if you start snacking, don’t get mad at yourself.

Maybe you’re just thirsty

There are times that you’re just thirsty, not hungry. Drink some water. The water in your stomach will communicate to your brain a greater feeling of fullness, and reduce your desire to eat.

Oral occupation. If you feel like snacking, do something else with your mouth. Chew gum. Eat a carrot, but don’t dip it in ranch dressing.

There is, of course, the concept of healthy snacking, since not all snacks are bad.

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