Some Non-Weight Loss Things That You Can Do To Give You Weight Loss

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Everyone wants weight loss the easy way, and some don’t realize that there are simple strategies not connected to dieting or weight loss that you can do so you can still lose calories and pounds.

Check those allergy medicines

Some people may not realize that some allergy meds they take may cause them to gain weight due to the allergen and antihistamine ingredients. In fact, people on allergy meds are normally ten pounds heavier than those without. This is because H1 types with Claritin or Allegra block the system’s histamines and this plays a role in appetite and fat breakdown. Exercising to compensate is the answer to this.

Sleep in a cold room

A somewhat cold bedroom actually improves both the metabolism and the quality of sleep. A colder environment stokes the body to create its own calorie burning furnace. Sleeping in a chillier room will force the body to heat itself up for hours. So you have weight loss because your body burns up calories just to keep your body warm.

Watch less television

Oops, so what happens in the next season of “Game of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead?” In reality, the average person spends about 5 hours a day or more in front of the tube. It’s been proven that those who watch less TV burn off more than 120 calories per day. Just sitting in front of the tube is enough to lower your metabolism even if you aren’t eating anything.

Turn off the lights when you sleep

Experiencing more darkness at night will improve your chances to lose calories and weight. Those who tend to sleep in total darkness are less prone to obesity because they sleep better. Those who slept even with some illumination in the room tended to have broken sleep and would often skip breakfast, a virtual no-no if you want to lose weight. They also tended to eat at odd times during the day and so was more prone to overeating due to the irregular eating hours.

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