Sneaky Tricks of the High WASP Diet

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(High Wasp – high born, rich position in society, highly privileged) Let us always remember that eating well is one of the greatest privileges of all. This is the essence of the High WASP diet.

Eat breakfast

Learn to love breakfast and eat them sitting down. Have bacon, toast, a bowl of cold cereal and a glass of orange juice. Or just have tea and toast if you need to lose weight. The High WASP Diet doesn’t require protein, though on occasion, have some.

Eat sweet afternoon snacks

The time to indulge in cravings. If things get out of hand, if the cravings surpass your capacity to have only one, or just a handful, the problem is simply solved. Move dinner forward. Don’t eat dessert because it unseats the savory taste of an evening meal.

Feel pleasure in delayed gratification and self-limitation

This one is hard, and drilled into High WASP’s at a very early age. Eat fruit before cookies. Get rid of the piece of cake when you’ve only had 4 bites. Physically remove yourself from temptation and say, “Good job!” over and over again.

Take hot liquids to combat actual hunger

Tea, miso soup, or just anything liquid. Good for the budget and the diet to lose weight.

Eat lettuce, but do not expect too much

Lettuce is a harsh mistress. Always eat a salad, but never just a salad. Mix it up a bit to add flavor. A diet does not mean you need to suffer.

Cut out a meal

If you need weight loss, just pretend a meal doesn’t exist. Chin held high. Replace dinner with a little cheese and bread, a tangerine, and one glass of wine. Diet sodas are the devil’s work.

Never learn to fry

High WASP’s should never fry. The closest is the sauté pan.

Learn to discipline yourself

You can learn to cook food from other cultures, worship salmon, respect the blueberry, and culture yogurt. Processed foods are not ingredients. Recipes that include a purchased sauce, salt, and unnatural fats aren’t recipes for anything but laziness.

The low blood sugar

Eat protein early and often. Try a vanilla-flavored whey protein stirred into 2% milk.

Watch the alcohol

A High WASP’s downfall. Drinking too much wine with your diet will actually gain you pounds and more weight.

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