Shopping Smart

Pushing your cart through the grocery store aisles? Will you buy the cereal labeled with “more,” the juice with “added,” or the bottled water labeled as “fortified”?

Before you slip products into your cart, use these consumer tactics to pick what’s right for you:

  • Learn the language. Know that label terms like “more calcium” or “low-fat” mean what they say. The government regulates the definitions.
  • Get specific. Use the labels’ Nutrition Facts to identify the calories and the nutrients in a serving, and perhaps to compare a few similar products.
  • Stay shopping smart. If a product has “more” of something (perhaps vitamin D), do you really need the extra? If another has “less” of something else (perhaps fat), are you prudent in your whole approach to eating? As important, was the food or drink healthful to start with, even before it was “more” or “less” modified?
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