Scheduling standard doctor visits


Your doctor and health visitor (see the post about ‘Getting the Most Out of Your Health Visitor’) see your child from birth to the age of 5 years a number of times as part of the NHS child-surveillance programme. These sessions help to pre-empt development problems before they occur. Appointments are normally at ages 6–8 weeks, 6–9 months, 18–24 months, 3–31⁄2 years, and 41⁄2–51⁄2 years (when your child starts school). Your doctor or health visitor can tell you when the next visit’s due.

If you’re concerned about your child’s health in any way, don’t wait for your next scheduled appointment. Always seek help when you need it.

If your child needs more specialist help, your doctor may refer him to a consultant community paediatrician, with special skills in developmental problems, a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, an ophthalmologist (sight specialist), or an audiologist (hearing specialist), depending on your child’s problem.
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