Psychologists Just Discovered that Some Personality Traits Won’t Get You Weight Loss

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Psychologists discovered recently that emotional eaters have a specific personality trait or type. So the next time you can’t seem to lose weight, don’t blame your diet, your workout trainer, and don’t take it out on the scale. Take a personality test instead.

According to a new Swiss study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, your eating habits might be unconsciously guided by your personality traits. When the researchers gathered data from thousands of Swiss and German citizens on personality traits, eating habits, and food choice data, they found that often a person’s personality trait determines what he or she eats or why they eat that way. The researchers also discovered that those who have a hard time to lose weight are from certain personality types.

The personality trait part of the research involved looking for the following traits that normally mean a balanced and stable living:

  • Extroversion, or the amount of contact you make with other people each day.
  • Openness to experience or how much you want variations in your life.
  • Conscientiousness or how much you follow the rules properly.
  • How much you agree with people or how much you want to feel liked.
  • Neuroticism, or how easily your emotions can be affected.

Interestingly, these traits offered up the following eating behaviors:

  • Conscientiousness prevented consumption of sweet and savory foods and of sugar-sweetened soft drinks by promoting restrained eating. These are usually the people who have no problem to lose weight.
  • Neurotic individuals seem to adopt counter-regulatory emotional eating and tend to eat high-energy, dense sweet and savory food in particular in order to cope with their negative emotions. This personality type is always stressed out, leading to overeating habits.
  • The higher sociability of extroverted people is basically a healthy beneficial psychological resource and always has positive health effects.

It seems neurotic people may have a tendency toward emotional eating, and extroverted people are more likely to eat out with friends and may be more likely to have larger portions of unhealthier food because of the tendency not to prepare their own food.

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