Protein Rich Breakfast Diet Curbs Unhealthy Eating During the Day

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A University of Missouri-Columbia has come out with its latest nutritional diet study confirming that a protein rich diet breakfast helps cut down on the amount of unhealthy eating and snacking during the day. The findings also support the fact that young people who skip breakfast tend to eat unhealthy foods and snacks during the day up to the evening, and are prone to so-called midnight snacks.

The university’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology published its findings in the Science Daily. The study targeted young adults who normally skip breakfast and those fed with the protein high breakfast diet. Those who ate the breakfast had their appetites curbed during the day up to the evening and cut down on sugar rich and high fat food snacking.

Because people skip breakfast, they tend to be hungry most of the day. High fat and high sugar foods are more accessible over the counter or in convenience stores. Thus, the diet quality of an individual goes down and more fat and sugar is stored, eventually leading to weight gain or obesity.

Not only did the protein rich diet breakfast impact on eating drives the whole day, it prevented overeating the whole day and improved overall diet quality for the body in the long run. The feeling almost the whole day and even up to the evening was of greater satiety and fullness and less full blown hunger. Also, there was more brain activity associated with class work, studies, and work because brain activity associated with food craving was suppressed.

The suggested high protein diet can be mixture of eggs, lean beef-based foods (about 35 grams worth), fiber foods, and ready-to-eat cereal.

The university’s findings actually coincide with similar studies from the Hospital de Clinicas in Caracas, Venezuela, and the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia wherein a mixed high carbohydrate and high protein diet breakfast made people eat less during the day, thus, helping in overall weight loss.

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