No Matter What Other Experts Say Proper Diet and Exercise is Still the Proper Tandem to Lose Weight

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After more than 50 years of so many studies and research conducted by so many universities, medical experts, and other nutritional bodies, proper eating paired with exercising is still the proper way to stay healthy and to lose weight. Whether exercising and properly dieting to stay healthy, to lose weight, or for being an amateur or professional athlete, a properly balanced exercise with proper nutrition ensures that the body benefits. This includes reduced risk of heart disease, increased muscle and bone strength, improved energy levels, better weight management, and the body having better posture.

For the daily diet, nothing beats carbohydrates as the body’s fuel for energy needs. During extreme physical activities and exercising, carbs are the first thing your body burns off; fats come after. The best foods with carbs are found in fruits, carrots, vegetables, bread, cereals, and rice. With athletes, the best way to eat after exercising is to eat an apple or banana, or other similar fruit some 15 minutes after a 1-hour workout to replace the carbs burned off. For those doing heavy workouts or marathon running, the body will need a lot of iron. This can be taken from foods like meat, fruits, cereals, and fish. Hydration is also important even for those who need to lose weight.

Always stay hydrated by drinking a half-glass of water before and after exercising. Also stay hydrated the whole day by drinking 6 glasses of water. This also helps your digestive system to stay healthy. There is nothing wrong with eating red meat or burgers as these also have nutritional value. What is bad is eating too much meat and not doing any exercise. If you exercise in the morning, make sure you eat a little something. You can eat anything so long as you don’t fill your stomach so much. You can eat a little whole grain cereal, raisins, banana, or just bread with peanut butter.  Exercise and diet should balance and complement each other so as to stay healthy or to have proper weight loss.

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