Need to Lose Weight? Never Ever Eat These 4 Foods

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If you need to lose weight, then you know that certain foods like processed, saturated fat-based, and fast are really off-limits. But, did you know that there are certain foods that you regularly take in that you never know can play havoc on your health or give you weight gain? Eating these foods doesn’t mean you’ll get sick, catch cancer, or die a long and lingering death. However, many of these culprits have additives because they’re highly processed. Eating these foods long term may have negative effects on health and will not help you lose weight.

Any packaged food with more than two ingredients that you never heard of

Ever heard of butylated hydroxytoluene or butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)? These are preservatives used to preserve meat or chips. They’re endocrine disruptors and high doses of both can adversely affect the ovaries and its ability to produce certain hormones. Brain skills can also be affected as well as create lung or liver tumors.


Everyone thinks that since it is made from vegetable oil and has less cholesterol and saturated fat compared to butter, it is the healthier alternative. However, cholesterol is no longer considered dangerous, and it’s known that margarine is high in salt and has lots of trans fats that can really clog the arteries. This increases the risk to heart disease. Actually you’re better off with non-fat butter or olive oil.

Regular Soda

Unless you’ve been living on an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean, you should know how bad soda drinks are for your health. A regular can contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, and this makes the body create excess insulin to help absorb all that excess sugar from the bloodstream to use up as energy. Over time, this over-response develops into diabetes. Diet soda is no better as it contains artificial sweeteners that are no better than real sugar. Also, too much sugar means you’re prone to hunger and this spells doom to your effort to lose weight.

Any food with the ingredient Propylparaben

This preservative is a chemical ingredient that acts like an estrogen that can have negative effects on the body’s fertility and accelerate the growth of some cancer cells.

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