NCAA Michigan Wolverine Mitch McGary Gives a Steady Diet of Fundamentals

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In the recent Final Four NCAA tournament last March, Michigan’s Trey Burke’s three-pointer at the end of regulation time immediately followed what has become one of the indelible images of this NCAA tournament: A Mitch McGary Michigan screen.

Just for an instant, Michigan’s robust, 6-10 freshman established himself beyond the top of the circle before Kansas’ Elijah Johnson collided with him. Both players fell to the ground, giving Burke a brief open look at a shot from nearly 30 feet, which he buried.

He needed to learn how to defend without fouling, as much as he needed to maintain a good and healthy diet to stay fit as a basketball player. He needed to get his body into better shape and fine-tune his diet, which meant cutting down on pizza and his favorite M&M sweets just because they are his initials. He needed to do all this if he wanted to continue playing quality basketball.

Mitch McGary will do anything it takes to play basketball and to help his team, and this includes staying on a healthy and disciplined diet.

He points to improved conditioning, saying that he was not even in shape to play 35 minutes as recently as last year. McGary has since lost 20 pounds this season, going from 274 to 254 pounds. He needed to make the change just to be on the court. Last year, McGary and his strength coach started a routine, eating a healthy athletic diet, writing down everything, and trying to stick to high protein and low fat diets.

In terms of the fundamentals of diet and exercise, McGary is rock solid right now. He showed this in his team’s recent win against the Kansas Jayhawks when Elijah Johnson earlier hit him below the belt for a flagrant foul one. McGary merely shook this off, something he can now do because his body is leaner and tougher.

Of course, the sweet revenge came when Johnson collided with McGary and couldn’t reach Burke and stop his three-point attempt. McGary just stood and shook it off.


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