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If none of the fad diets seem to work for you, it’s time to move on and try new things. While it is true that researching about the different diets of celebrities has become one of your hobbies, you must accept that like us they are also normal people who are struggling with weight issues. To guarantee your weight loss, here are some diet tricks that you should try.

  • Get rid of your food scale. – You don’t really need to carry around a calorie counter or calculator to be able to practice portion control. What you need to do is to learn how to control your eating habits. You must order two appetizers instead of an entrée. If you already have pasta on your plate, you must minimize your bread.
  • Store some fruits at home. – To help you fight your unhealthy food cravings during snack time, you need to have fruits packed nearby. On your spare time, slice up those fruits on your dining table and place them in plastic containers. If you have stocked up some fruits, you can bring them at work and any time you feel hungry you can just reach out for them.
  • Have some chocolate shake. – If you want to lose weight quickly, it would be a good idea to drink some high-protein chocolate shake. This type of shake is the perfect meal replacement. All you need to have in order to make them is a shaker and chocolate protein powder. This tastes really good and it can fill you up very quickly as well.
  • Learn to set some limits. – When you are at the canteen of your workplace, choose the smallest Styrofoam or plate that you can find and place your food there. If you do this, you won’t be able to overeat.
  • Brush your teeth to avoid sweet desserts. – Whenever you feel like deviating your diet for a sweet dessert after your meals, quickly brush your teeth. The mint flavor will help prevent you from devouring that huge slice of cake in your fridge after you’ve finished dinner.


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