Lose Weight In Spite of Your Spouse’s Sabotage Efforts

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You have a great diet plan and you’re really adamant to lose weight. You feel good and you’re almost reaching your goal; suddenly, your husband or wife breaks out a bowl of potato chips or a chocolate bar for an evening snack. And since your spouse is naturally slender and doesn’t seem to gain weight no matter what he or she eats, you need to still stay on track with your diet and not let your significant other derail your efforts.

Many dieters wish that their spouse would be more sensitive to their efforts to lose weight. The spouse may not realize since, and they all can’t be fully blamed, since they’re not having any problems with weight loss. However, these spouses need to realize that eventually their partner will become frustrated and surrender their diet and exercise regimen because the temptation of those nightly chocolate bars is just too much. Remember that no two people have the same type of metabolism, so this is one thing that the “eating-a-lot” partner should understand.

One way to combat these eating urges when your spouse eats something that you’re not supposed to is to find something to do and keep busy, be it doing knitting, surfing the net, reading a book, or just finding something to keep the hands busy so they’re not reaching out for food. Another way to convey that you really need to lose weight is to simply convey the message that this weight loss thing is very important to you, your prestige, your health, and in the long run, the overall health of both spouses. When you convey this simple message to your spouse, it won’t bother him or her, or even the children.

Here are some ideas to communicate your goals to your spouse:

Convey a positive message – Make them realize that if you take care of yourself, you do so because you care for him or her, and the family.

Explain how you’ll do things – If your family takes to teasing you, explain that you’re more comfortable to lose weight by doing things your way.

Tell them what you can eat instead of what you can’t – Avoid boring your family with diet talk and details of those plans.


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