Lose Weight and Grow Those Abs with These Surefire Dietary Habits

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When you lose weight and eventually build up your abs, it’s more than like finding buried treasure. Many experts agree that the best way is always the slow and steady way; let your efforts and dividends pay off after months of hard work. In fact, extending your proper diet and exercise habits from just months to a lifetime of long term will truly lead to realistic weight loss.

Develop your water drinking habit

When you eat carbs they get turned into either energy or fat. However, if you’re body isn’t getting enough water, your body tends to store up carbs as fat. This is because the body cannot efficiently change carbs into energy without enough water. Also, essential amino acids can’t be absorbed by muscle tissue without adequate water. Of course, we all know that a lack of water in the body will dehydrate you if you go into serious physical activity. If you want to lose weight seriously, don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink because this is a signal that the body is already storing away fat.

Eat “wet carbs” at night

Wet carbohydrates have high amounts of water in them and are found in cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and asparagus. This is because wet carbs allow you to maintain adequate levels of water at night while you sleep. Low-carbs have high fiber and leach out water from the system. Thus, eating wet carbs at night makes more sense, added to this can be fish. The seafood will also replenish protein stores.

Diversify your carbs

When you eat a variety of carbohydrates, your body is kept guessing and the tendency is that it burns up any carbs into energy rather than spend time figuring out what it is. When more carbs are burned into energy, you tend to lose weight. So don’t just stick to one type of carbs. Eat varieties of potatoes, brown and white rice, pasta, and of course, vegetables.

Don’t do hunger games

Every time you feel hungry, your body begins absorbing carbs as fat and storing them in the abdomen. Always eat your meals at the regularly scheduled times even if you’re not really hungry.

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