Khloe Kardashian and How She Got to Lose Weight

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Khloe Kardashian lost 20 pounds in only 3 months, and the star reveals how to lose weight so fast, all while still eating her favorite foods. Khloe once called herself “the fat and ugliest” sister and has always struggled with her weight. The 5-foot-10 beauty has constantly faced scrutiny for her athletic frame. Now the tables have turned. Khloe enjoys a rapid slim-down, while her notoriously petite sister, Kim Kardashian, has gained significant weight due to her pregnancy. According to Khloe, the persistent scrutiny and comments calling her ‘Shrek’ is what motivated her to lose weight.

The slimmed down star says she was able to reach her goal weight with fun workouts like boxing and practicing portion control rather than dieting. She doesn’t deprive herself of food. Instead, everything is taken in moderation. So how did Khloe lose weight? Lamar Odom’s wife took a cue from her athletic husband, and incorporated sporty workouts into her routine. She said she begins her day with a cardio hike. She then pairs the cardio with her favorite workout, boxing. She practices four to five days a week. Khloe says the exercise is a perfect fit because it’s constantly changing so as not to be boring.

In fact, Khloe has worked her way from one three-minute round to “title fight” levels of 12 three-minute rounds, according to her coach. One of the reasons Khloe’s workouts are so effective is because she has paired them with healthy eating and portion control. This is something she admits she learned from older sister Kourtney who lost 44 pounds after giving birth to daughter Penelope. She’s learned a lot from what Kourtney has done to lose weightKhloe never deprives herself from entire categories of food, a common tactic used when crash dieting. If she wants something sweet, she’ll have a bite or two. According to Khloe’s manager, Khloe is happier than she’s been in a long time, and she finally feels good about herself.

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