Kelly Rowland has 70-Pound Weight Loss and Explains How She Did It

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Singer Kelly Rowland reveals that she put in a lot of hard work in slimming down from her post-baby weight. The singer revealed recently that she had a total weight loss of 70 pounds after four months of really hard work in dieting and exercising and after welcoming her son, Titan, into the world.

Rowland, 34, used many known techniques of famous trainers pertaining to eating plans and working out. She always had a positive outlook to her weight loss efforts and always motivated herself to move forward. Eating healthy had to be the start. She used what is called the eight-twenty rule. Eighty percent of the time you eat those foods that will give you nourishment. So in essence your foundation is clean eating. Twenty percent of the time you can indulge on a limited basis or with portion control. In the case of Rowland, it was guacamole. From time to time, instead of guacamole, she would sip on a margarita and have a little cheese. These twenty percent never seemed to hurt her weight loss.

Rowland is married to husband Tim Weatherspoon, and they welcomed their first child last November. But four months after this, Rowland was already sporting a healthy and very sexy figure. In fact, she didn’t start dieting and exercising until Titan was a month old and they had to take a trip to the Philippines. The Southeast Asian country seemed so far, but while she was there she got to talking to several Filipino physical trainers who taught and encouraged her on the methods she is now using. She was actually in the Philippines to promote new products as an endorser for Claritin.

When not making new music, Rowland would often be found spending time with her former Destiny’s Child friends, Beyonce and Michelle Williams. Sometimes, all three of them would be working out together. This Destiny’s Child sort-of-reunion is also part of Rowland’s motivation to diet and workout since Beyonce and Michelle Williams are also known health buffs. In fact, Beyonce also taught Rowland some exercise moves to trim down those fats.

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